Royalton's™ Retreat

Cultural Insights on Affluent African Americans

A corporate retreat to help executives gain the cultural insight necessary to be more profitable in their target marketing efforts.

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Increase your bottom line...

Gain a competitive advantage.


Target a consumer group that is untapped, growing, and currently possesses $87.3 billion in purchasing power. Executives in Corporate America often know very little about affluent African Americans (AAAs) which translates into a competitive disadvantage and lost revenue (or fiscal irresponsibility).

Capitalize on a lucrative and rapidly growing demographic before you competition does. Learn about the size, scope, social and economic clout, lifestyle, purchasing patterns, and current events of AAAs before your competition does.

Having knowledge of AAA's shows respect for your customers or prospects, and earns you reciprocal, brand loyal relationship.

The Insights


Understanding Affluent African Americans for a Competitive
Advantage provides executives with:

  • Intellectual openness
  • Competitive advantage
  • Knowledge on where and how to reach AAAs
  • Opportunities to spend money cost efficiently
  • Actions and reactions of sales staff that can tarnish a brands image
  • An understanding of your target audience's core values and purchase motivators
  • Understanding of unexamined, subtle and subconscious stereotypes that can hinder a well rounded, properly executed marketing plan
  • Ways to build loyalty, trust and sales
  • An understanding of what creates cultural resistance
  • An understanding of key differentials between you and your target audience's culture - business, time, hierarchy, family, etc.

The Course

This 6-hour cultural immersion retreat takes place at the client's office and can accommodate up to 10 company employees. The retreat includes a 1-hour lunch and two 15-minute breaks. Special accommodations can be made for an off site retreat.*

*additional costs will apply.

  • Turning intelligence and insight into action and revenue
  • Developing cultural awareness
  • Different ways of doing business
  • Developing, evaluating or improving a supplier diversity program
  • Developing marketing pilot programs (designing, implementing and measuring them)
  • Managing expectations
  • Learning how Africa initiatives can have a positive effect for affluent black consumers in the U.S.
  • Filling your sales pipeline with qualified prospects and aspirationals

This course is designed for Senior Level Management and Other Executives including CMOs, Sales Executives, Chief Content Officers, Researchers and Brand Managers.

The Thought Leaders

Because the terms "urban" and "hip hop" have created one dimensional references to African Americans, in 2004, Diversity Affluence CEO, Andrea Hoffman coined the term "Royaltons" to define affluent ethnic consumers of any ethnicity in order to paint a more accurate picture of untapped affluent target markets.

Greg Furman, along with urban media pioneer Len Burnett and Andrea Hoffman, co-authors of the popular new book Black is the New Green-Marketing to Affluent African Americans published by Palgrave Macmillan, have created a corporate retreat for executives in order to help them gain the cultural insight necessary to be more profitable.

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